n.07 Hair color – Mahogany 4.5 (0117)

0117 HAIR COLOR WITH BIOLOGICAL EXTRACTS NR. 07, MAHOGANY 4.5 - COLOR ERBE® hair color with ORGANIC EXTRACTS is a permanent  oxidizing tone-on-tone gel which guarantees full coverage of gray hair, leaving your hair shiny and voluminous while nourishing your hair and scalp during the coloring process.  Free from formaldehyde, ammonia, resorcinol, nonoxynol, and sodium lauryl sulfate.  Contains a hypoallergenic scent.  Does not contain added metals, cobalt, chrome, nickel or iodine.  Thanks to its organic extracts, it repairs, protects and conditions your hair.

The colors you can get with COLOR ERBE HAIR COLOR WITH ORGANIC EXTRACTS correspond to those on the color chart.  For best results, we recommend you take into account your natural hair color and follow the color-matching recommendations.

Every color erbe with organic extracts box contains: a 60ml bottle of hair color based on organic vegetable extracts, a 60ml bottle of cream developer, a 10ml sachet of conditioner and a pair of gloves.

Code: 0117